Seattle Wishing Chair – Do Wishes Come True?

Seattle Wishing Chair – Do Wishes Come True?

On my first day in Seattle, I took an Argosy 3-hour cruise on Puget Sound.  I was able to see the city and get suggestions for things to do.  Now, everybody knows about the views from the top of the Space Needle, but the guide suggested going to the observation deck of the Smith Tower.    Not only is this building known for its view.  I was told I had to visit the Chinese room.  Especially if you were single.  I was at the time, so I was intrigued to find out more.

The legend is that any woman sitting in the wishing chair and wishing for marriage will be married within one year.  Of course, I laughed.  I really wanted to test the theory.  I had some free time later in the week and planned to visit.


One unique thing about the Smith Tower is the building still employs people as elevator operators to take you to your floor.  The Chinese room is on the 35th Floor.  You can see a view of each floor as you go up through the iron gate.  From its appearance, the building had some of the original elevator parts.

Since it was early, it wasn’t crowded. Two women were already sitting in the chair, taking pictures. I walked around the room, waiting patiently for my turn, and took in the views from the observation deck.
The Chinese room doesn’t have much in it, but you can see some beautiful hand-carved furniture and a hand-carved ceiling that were gifts from the last empress of China. The panels use Chinese characters to tell the history of Seattle. The lighting wasn’t the best, but the views were beautiful, as promised.


My Turn

Then, the moment of truth arrived.  It was my turn to sit in the wishing chair.
The woman before me took a picture of me.  I sat in the wishing chair and thought for a few seconds.  This is an old chair.  So many people are sitting in it.  Will it break?  Also, do I want to be married?  Up to this point in my life, I always said no.  2013; I would turn 40 that year.  I never completely ruled it out.  If I met someone I wanted to marry.

Okay, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for: Did I get married or engaged by June 11, 2014, one year after I made my wish?


So is the legend true?  I don’t know.  You have to ask someone who sat in the wishing chair and desired to be married.  If I sat in the chair today, I’d feel differently and wish with an open heart.

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