Winner – 2017 Liebster Award for New Blogs

Winner – 2017 Liebster Award for New Blogs

Winner – 2017 Liebster Award for New Blogs

The Liebster Award is an online blogging award designed to help readers around the world discover new blogs of all genres and niches. It’s also a way to recognize bloggers with the most potential to grow and become meaningful online influencers.

I figured that I should complete this before the end of 2017. I received this nomination from Sage from Everyday Wanderer. She’s a fellow Midwesterner and a single mother of four. Sage got the travel bug from her parents. She loves to travel abroad and the United States with her kids. Also, check out her Everday Postcards from around the world.

How the Liebster Award works

This is a quick run-down on how the Liebster Award works:

  • I share 10 fun facts about me.
  • If that doesn’t put you to sleep, then keep reading to see my answers to a short selection of this year’s Liebster Awar.d questions. (Yes, the questions are updated each calendar year to keep things as fresh as your smoke detector batteries.)
  • I get to nominate five up and coming blogs, and the Liebster Award

10 Facts About Me

A few months ago I shared 10 fun facts about myself on Instagram. I’ll put the link below. I’m going to try and incorporate 10 new facts in this post. A couple may overlap because I just can’t think of anything else.

1.  I took a trapeze lesson. I can’t find the video and this is a blurry picture but trust me it’s me. This is something I would like to do again someday. I never got my up so the guy could catch me but it was a fun experience.

2. I love to sing karaoke. If there is a machine I will likely sing some Madonna or Lauren Hill. Now don’t expect any fancy high notes but I enjoy it.

3. Because of my love for music, this next one shouldn’t be a surprise. I love musicals. I’ve seen over 30 shows. Most I’ve seen on Broadway in New York City. When I lived there that was one of my favorite Saturday afternoon activities.

4.  I did not leave the country for the first time until I was 31. My first trip was to London. I had always wanted to travel. It wasn’t until a friend invited me to visit while she was traveling for work. After that, I was hooked.

5. I like to gamble. I don’t have a problem. I’ve never blown my mortgage at the casino. I played online poker for a while. I also don’t like to lose so I abandoned my dream of playing at the World Series of Poker. I have gone to a few casino’s when I traveled. I went when I was Australia.

6. I was a girl scout. I didn’t become one until I was about 14. I think it was called a junior. I went camping for the first time that year and took my first trip out of Illinois with the troop to Wisconsin and Georgia.

7. People are often surprised to find out I have three tattoos. I plan on getting a few more.

8. This is odd but I could dial the telephone with my toe. I have longer than average toes and was a bored kid.

9.  I had a job as a telemarketer for about four hours. I left after lunch and never went back. I don’t like when they call me and I couldn’t see myself annoying other people.

10. I taught myself the alphabet in sign language in high school. I wanted to be a sign language interpreter and I applied to college for it.

More fun facts about me on Instagram.

A short interview (with myself)

From the list of 2017 Liebster Award questions, I’ve decided to answer these three.

  1. Have you ever visited a place just because you experienced it in a book/series/animation/painting/movie?  What was the place, and how did it compare to your expectations for it? I went to the set of where The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were filmed. It was more magical than I thought it would be. I felt like a little kid.
  2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I really want to learn Italian and live in Italy, learn Spanish in Spain and French in Paris. I can’t decide on one place so I’ve decided to live in each for 90 days so I don’t have to get any special visa.
  3. What blog post are you most proud of and why? I’m most proud of the post I wrote about my visit to space camp in Huntsville Alabama. This was my first time recording and editing a video. It was a lot of fun and I hope to add more videos to my blog post in the future.

My 2017 Liebster Award Nominees

I wanted to nominate these ladies because they each have inspired me in blogging and in my personal life. Please take a moment to visit their travel blogs, read a post or two, and give them some encouragement as they grow their blogs to the next level.

Glory at Muslim Travel Rocks is on a mission to inspire Muslims to travel. On her blog, she helps Muslim travelers find Halal and Muslim friendly destinations.

Mia at MiaAdventura is a fellow breast cancer THRIVER of 20 years. She is an empty nester and wants to help others like her find themselves through travel.

Jennifer – Travel with Curves. I wrote my first guest post for Travel with Curves titled Ziplining While Fat. Jennifer started her blog to document her travels as a curvy girl and to inspire others to do the same.

What’s next for the nominees

2017 Liebster Award WinnerThe up and coming new bloggers who have been nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award complete the following steps to accept this award:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you (um, that would be yours truly) by writing a blog post that includes a link back to this piece or the website
  • Incorporate one or more Liebster Award images into your blog
  • Include ten fun facts about yourself in your post
  • Answer as many of the questions below as you’d like, or answer different questions, if you like. (Your blog, your rules. There are no Liebster Award police trolling the Internet and writing up tickets!)
  • Nominate three to five up and coming blogs that you believe deserve to receive the 2017 Liebster Award
  • Notify your nominees so that they can complete these same steps
  • Proudly chant “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” as you push the publish button on your blog post

Questions for 2017 Liebster Award Winners

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  2. What is one place you haven’t been that is on the top of your bucket list?
  3. What is the best memory that you have while traveling?
  4. Which historic site would you most like to visit and why?
  5. Who is your role model?
  6. What is your best travel tip?
  7. What blog post are you most proud of and why?
  8. What is one thing that you’d like to own that you don’t have yet?
  9. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
  10. What is your biggest accomplishment?
  11. What’s a hidden talent you have?
  12. What’s an activity, craft, or sport that you want to learn how to do?
  13. Out of all the countries, you have visited, which one did you like the most?
  14. What or who inspires you to travel?
  15. Do you prefer to travel alone or with a companion?  Why?
  16. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever experienced while traveling?
  17. What are the three, most beautiful beaches you’ve visited?
  18. How has traveling impacted your life?
  19. Does blogging replace or enhance journaling?
  20. Do you think education, as it is today, does justice to life and learning?
  21. When do you find time to blog?
  22.  If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?
  23. What is your favorite book or series?
  24. Have you ever visited a place just because you experienced it in a book/series/animation/painting/movie?  What was the place, and how did it compare to your expectations for it?
  25.  What is your favorite travel quote?





Bisa Myles

I am a breast cancer survivor and plus-size adventurer traveling the world and capturing every mile as I go. I still have miles to travel.

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