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Top Seven Photos on Instagram: May 2017

Top Seven Photos on Instagram: May 2017

It’s time for my top seven photos on Instagram for the month of May 2017.  This month includes some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken so far.  When I’m not traveling, I take pictures of the places around me.  I am itching to get back on the road. Until then, enjoy.  To see my more photos, follow my Instagram account @mylestotravel.

1 – Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago

2 – Another shot of Buckingham Fountain before it got dark.

3- Lake County Indiana Court House – Old Lady

4 – Chicago Riverwalk

View of the #Chicago river. Enjoying the beautiful weather.

A post shared by Bisa Myles 🗺 Myles to Travel (@mylestotravel) on

5 – 35 East Wacker Clock

6 – Lake County Courthouse – Grand Old Lady



7 – Huntsville Alabama Twinkdem Neighborhood

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