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My Top Seven Photos on Instagram: July 2017

My Top Seven Photos on Instagram: July 2017

From looking at the top photos during the month of July, you would think my blog was about nature photography. I’ve been visiting more botanic gardens and zoos this summer. The pictures for this month was taken at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago or Brookfield Zoo in the Suburbs. I’ll be traveling a little in August and can’t wait to bring your more photos from the road.

Number 1 of 7 Photos

Number 2 of 7 Photos

Number 3 of 7 Photos

Number 4 of 7 Photos

Number 5 of 7 Photos

Number 6 of 7 Photos

Number 7 of 7 Photos

To see more photographs taken by me go to Myles to Travel on Instagram. Don’t forget to like.

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