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My Top Seven Photos on Instagram: September 2017

My Top Seven Photos on Instagram: September 2017

September has some of my most popular pictures of the year.

1 – This picture was taken in Perth Australia.

2 – This is was taken at the Full Moon Fire in Chicago.

3 – I had an opportunity to visit Wabash County in Wabash Indian for the weekend.

4 – I was taking a walk during my lunch break and came across this sculpture. I had taken pictures of this Dessa Kirk earlier in the year. It was moved from Northerly Island to here.

5 – During another walk, I saw this wall. I’m not sure what it is but I look guessing.

I took this while I was taking an afternoon walk in Chicago.

A post shared by Bisa Myles 🗺 Myles to Travel (@mylestotravel) on

6 – This is a throwback picture of me.

I will reveal something about this picture in one of the unkown facts about me below. I was tagged by @thymeandlove to share 10 facts about myself! Here are some facts that you might not know about me:  1. I was an extra in a couple of movies and TV shows. I was in a scene with Patrick Dempsy in Enchanted. Ok. There were a 100 other people in it too. lol 😍 2. Hugh Jackman kissed me on the cheek. 😘 I was trying to get him to take a picture with me and he thought I wanted a kiss. That's was ok too. lol Remember that @suzen327? 3. I've taken a flying lesson in Cessna plane before. 4. I have a YouTube channel where I use to do wig tutorials. The picture is one of my wigs. 😄 5. I've skydived twice. 6. I've taken trapeze lessons. This one will seem odd after reading 3, 5 and 6. 7. I'm afraid to walk or drive across bridges. 🙈 8. I applied through my job at the time to move to London but backed out.😔 9. I've worked as an Accountant for about 20 years and I don't LOVE math. Never have. I'm capable of doing and that's about it. 10. I'm terrible at texting. I've edited this 5 times already I thought I was going to have trouble coming about with 10 things but it wasn't. Ok now @mbatweety @miaadventura @muslimtravelrocks @chasingthenextchapter @valerie_valise can join in on the fun.

A post shared by Bisa Myles 🗺 Myles to Travel (@mylestotravel) on

7 – You can find art everywhere when walking in downtown Chicago.

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