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Tag - Hawaii

Top Seven Photos on Instagram: April 2017

Top Seven Photos on Instagram: April 2017 I’ve adjusted a little how many Instagram pictures I was going to use for the end of month post.  I did want to keep it out. 1 – I took this picture in Chicago while I was walking west back into the city from the Adler Planetarium at sunset.  I didn’t think I got the bird. I was pleasantly surprised to see...

Trip to Maui Hawaii 2005

Trip to Maui, Hawaii October 29, 2005 thru November 6, 2005   I had never traveled so much for pleasure in one year.  In April 2005 I got my first passport and my first stamp in London.  Then in September flew off to Paris, my dream destination.  Then 2 weeks later I’m back on the plane to Hawaii.  This was a dream.  People often wonder where I get the...