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Tag - breast cancer survivor

5 Must Haves when Flying: Breast Cancer Edition

When you have breast cancer surgery that removes any number of lymph nodes and or radiation you have a higher risk of getting Lymphedema. Lymphedema occurs when too much fluid buildup in any affected area of the body. For breast cancer, it usually happens in the arm, hands, and chest. Your chances of developing blood clots in the legs are also increased. You can get...

Top Seven Photos on Instagram: April 2017

Top Seven Photos on Instagram: April 2017 I’ve adjusted a little how many Instagram pictures I was going to use for the end of month post.  I did want to keep it out. 1 – I took this picture in Chicago while I was walking west back into the city from the Adler Planetarium at sunset.  I didn’t think I got the bird. I was pleasantly surprised to see...

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