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Hi Angie. Yes, it’s me. Thank You! …

Comment on Survivorship Care Plan by mylestotravel.

Hi Angie. Yes, it’s me. Thank You!

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Survivorship Care Plan
Hi Becky

Your my first comment. 🙂 You and Reed have to break in those new passports. We could meet somewhere and travel together.

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Curry Ramen Noodles Recipe
Thanks Mia. It depends on how many people you are serving. This recipe can serve at least four people.

Making a Claim to Some Unclaimed Baggage
Thank you. Give yourself a budget, unless you will fill up your car with goodies. 😉


A Weekend in Southern Indiana
This was my first airshow. It was a lot of fun. I am discovering a lot of fun stuff in Indiana. I understand, you never know when you’ll make a change. In the meantime, enjoy our surroundings. 🙂

A Weekend in Southern Indiana
I’m from Chicago and live in Northwest Indiana. It was a four-hour drive. I was pleasantly surprised. I hope to explore the area more in the future. It is definately worth the visit.

Charlestown Indiana State Park Spring Wildflower Hike
I love discovering new state parks also. I’d love to go back to Charlestown to hike on the other trails. It is a must see.