Rekindling My Love for Blogging – #BlogLikeCrazy

Rekindling My Love for Blogging – #BlogLikeCrazy

I did not realize I wanted to be a writer until after I turned thirty years old and moved to New York. Although I loved to read and would come up with story ideas in my head all of the time, I did not consider making it a career. At the point, I didn’t even write my thoughts down on paper. When I couldn’t sleep I would think up a story plot in my head. Their main characters names would always be Kevin and Theresa. In my imagination I would be Theresa and Kevin would look a lot like Ralph Macchio from the karate kid. I had been coming up with stories for a long time. My celebrity crushes did change over the years, but Ralph was a nice clean cut character.

While I was living in Chicago, I had started on a path to search for my passion in life. I knew to be a tax accountant wasn’t it, but I tried almost everything. I even went back to community college to take math classes because they were prerequisites to go to medical school. I took the LSAT and took acting classes. None of it ever fit. After reading books and watching talk show life coaches on I to find my passion, I started thinking back to what brought me joy when I was a child. I always came back to the story I wrote in second grade for Halloween. It was about a haunted house. The details are becoming a little hazy, but I was so proud of the A I received. Memorizing facts and numbers were easy for me so getting an A in those classes were not impressive to me.  Getting an A grade for something I created made me happy.

My second love as a child was to travel. Although I had not left the United States at that time, I often dreamed of going too far far away lands. I started taking writing classes for fiction and nonfiction. Travel writing would pay the bills until I received my five-year book deal and my stories were turned into a movie.

Then I discovered the world of blogging. It was a long time before I started a real blog because I felt I was too busy to give it the level of commitment that it needed. If you are new here, you can read about why I Myles to Travel here. I love reading blogs, and I have several ideas for a post. It’s the business part of blogging that has me overwhelmed. Of course, I want my writing to reach thousands of people and make some money off it. It was just too much. Between work, the kids and my graduate classes I dreaded writing on my blog. I’ve been in a slump for the past four months. Probably even longer. I honored my commitments to write but not nothing more. If I can’t do it all the way, I want I end up not doing anything at all.

When Mia from Mia Adventura sent me an email about Seen Jane Write event for Blog Like Crazy for the month of November something clicked. I think this is what I needed. The blog post did not need to be perfect. I do not have to spend hours editing to get the right photos. I don’t have to worry about SEO. I just have to write.

So this is my kickoff post for the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge for November. I’m already excited about the month ahead of me. I might not share any of my post on social media right away because that is when my anxiety starts about the entire process.

Bisa Myles

I am a breast cancer survivor and plus-size adventurer traveling the world and capturing every mile as I go. I still have miles to travel.

  • Mia Ransom Parnell
    Posted at 15:38h, 01 November Reply

    You ARE still here and you will be! I’m so glad you’ve joined #BlogLikeCrazy and I’m looking forward to reading your new stories and posts.

    Ralph Macchio, huh? I wonder who the new guy is??

    Maybe you’ll share his name in a post?

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