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OK, so I will never experience that in the South!! …

Comment on My Visit to the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin by Mia Ransom Parnell.

OK, so I will never experience that in the South!!

But that looks really interesting and a wonderful opportunity to try out your Killi clothing. Was there food? Hot chocolate? Souvenirs?

And your sunset shot was beautiful!

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Sweet, I too love discovering street art! BUT I’m not going outside looking for it in the Alabama heat. Maybe I’ll discover some during Autumn.

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WOW, that looks delicious! I need to add it to my Chicago to-eat list because that grilled salmon has my name on it/

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You ARE still here and you will be! I’m so glad you’ve joined #BlogLikeCrazy and I’m looking forward to reading your new stories and posts.

Ralph Macchio, huh? I wonder who the new guy is??

Maybe you’ll share his name in a post?

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That sounds like so much fun! I enjoy “audience interactive’ plays and this sounds like a great one.

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I’d say you slayed your fear! Congratulations on another achievement and encouraging me to be brave(r).