My Top Six Photos on Instagram in February 2017

My Top Six Photos on Instagram in February 2017

Here are my top photos on Instagram during the month of February based on likes.

Myles to Travel Top Photos on Instagram in February

1 – I took this picture during a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia in Turkey with Royal Balloon.  It was such an amazing experience.  You get to watch the sunrise in the sky.

This picture was featured on Nomadic Matt’s Instagram account as part of his Forum Fridays on his site.  You can also find it on Myles to Travel Instagram.  So far it has received close to 2,000 likes on his Instagram.

2 –  While I was in Auckland, New Zealand I took a 30-minute ferry ride to Waiheke Island.  This island is known for its wine vineyards and beaches.  I took a bus tour around the island.  The weather was a little chilly, and I didn’t have enough time to stay for a vineyard tour.

3.  One of my stops in Australia was to the Gold Coast.  I spent four days of just relaxing and watching the waves of the ocean.  I was too tired to get up every day to look at the sunrise but I did on my last morning there.   I wish I could have stayed longer.  A place I want to go back to someday.

4. On my finally day in Auckland, I took a tour of the city with Auckland City Tours.  This tour would be more beneficially if done on the first day.  I didn’t find it until the day I had arrived in Auckland, and I just couldn’t fit it in.  It was so detailed and informative about the city.  The picture below I took on one of the stops on tour, and we got fantastic views of New Zealand.

5.  One thing we have seen in movies are the rice fields in Bali.

6.  Hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia.  After my other picture had been featured on Matt’s site, I posted another one on my Instagram.  It didn’t get 2,000 likes, but it was a favorite in February and also made it onto the list.



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