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Ten of My Favorite Street Artworks From Around the World

One of my favorite things to take pictures of is street art. You can find it in almost every city. I even saw a wall painted in Dubai but I was on a moving bus and couldn’t get the shot.

Here are my ten favorite street artworks I’ve seen from around the world. The pieces are not in a particular order.

1. This was taken in Chicago Illinois in the Printer’s Row Distract

2. I think this one is self-explanatory.

3. This one was taken in Quebec City Canada. I found this while walking looking for a grocery store.

4. I love this painting. I took in in Holbox Mexico. I wonder if it was in honor of a real person. You can feel her eyes looking at you.

5. Another one of my favorites from Chicago. 6. Another Piece from Quebec City. I love the softness of it.7.  I almost left Dubai without taking pictures of the street art. I was only there a few days and it gets really hot. The sun was high and many pictures had a shadow.8. This one is Disney Characters versus Cereal Box Character. Reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons of having cereal and milk.9. Another shot I took in Holbox, Mexico.10. Last but not least. This was taken in Memphis. It to commemorate the iconic photograph taken during the garbage men strike that brought Martin Luther King to Memphis days before his death. So, those are ten of my favorite street artworks from around the world. I may need to do a part two because there are a few more than I love.

Bonus image: The cover photo was taken at the Dubai Mall.

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