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Seattle Wishing Chair – Do Wishes Come True?

Seattle Wishing Chair – Do Wishes Come True? On my first day in Seattle, I took an Argosy 3 hour cruise on the Puget Sound.  I was able to see the city and get suggestions of things to do.  Now everybody knows about the views on top of the Space Needle, but the guide suggested to go to the observation deck of the Smith Tower.    Not only is this building known...

Space Needle

On my own in Seattle

Trip June 5, 2013 – June 12, 2013 Seattle was my first solo trip that I planned from start to finish.  This was going to be my test trip.  I wanted to see if I could travel alone.  Although I traveled to London and Paris on the plane alone and saw some of the sights by myself, I still relied on my friend for certain things.  Now I did save money by staying in...

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