Art on theMart Presents Astrographics

Art on theMart Presents Astrographics

This year’s Art on theMart Presents Astrographics. Formerly known as The Merchandise Mart theMart, is located on the Chicago Riverfront. The building is the largest privately owned commercial building in the United States and sits on two city blocks. What better place to project the largest permanent digital art projection globally called the Art on theMart. I attended the 2019 fall presentation of the Art on theMart. It was a unique and fun event. To see the pictures and video click here.

Beginning on April 1, the Art on theMART in Chicago will restart nightly projections of Astrographics, a 16-minute piece developed in collaboration with the Adler Planetarium and presented with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. The exhibit runs until July 4th. Astrographics will show ways in which humans conceptualize and visualize their universe. The projections will transport you from Earth to other planets and stars. Music from the Sun Ra Arkestra archives from the Experimental Sound Studio will accompany the projections.

Photo credit: Carol Fox and Associates

Starting on May 19, previously shown projections from artists, Claude Monet and Bisa Butler will be included. Both artists currently have exhibits showing at the Art Institute of Chicago. On May 20, Art on theMart will debut a new work featuring Chicago Public School high school seniors titled Hope is a Light: Select Works from the Chicago Public School Class of 2021.

Photo Credit: Carol Fox and Associates
Photo Credit: Carol Fox and Associates
Photo Credit: Carol Fox and Associates

The 30-minute program will be shown nightly at 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. beginning April 1. As the days get longer the nightly projections will be at 9:00 and 9:30 from May 1 – August 31. The post location to view the Art on theMART for free at the jetty section of the Chicago Riverwalk on Wacker Drive between Wells Street and Franklin Street, where accompanying audio is also available. Based on recommendations from the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, social distancing practices must be observed by all Art on theMART visitors.

For more information see the Art on the Mart website.

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