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Hi! My name is Bisa, and I'm a breast cancer thriver, plus-size adventurer, writer, and photographer.

After finishing treatment for breast cancer, I received a 5-year survivorship plan. It included monthly, then quarterly test and doctor visits. Instead of worrying about whether or not the disease would return, I created a recovery plan of my own. My plan included exploring the world around me and new experiences.

The blog's mission is to remind you we can create a life we love despite our weight and circumstances. My goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams and not wait for a devasting diagnosis to live the life you've always wanted. I want to share the power of travel to help through anxiety, stress after having breast cancer.

Join me on my journey. I still have miles to travel

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2019 Travel Summary

2019 Travel As I was putting together the list of all of the places I visited in 2019, I realized that I traveled a lot more than I thought. Not all travel requires a passport stamp and an airplane. It was fun going through all of my pictures and reliving the experience. I was able to...

A&A Ballet Presents The Art Deco Nutcracker

A&A Ballet Presents The Art Deco Nutcracker When we think of Christmas, you can’t help but think about the Nutcracker. Another Christmas tradition I have never seen before. Last night that all changed. I was given tickets to see the American Ballet Theatre’s production of “The...

Celebrating My Cancerversary

This year’s trip celebrating my cancerversary was to Iceland. Every year since I completed treatment from breast cancer, I make it a goal to travel to a new destination on or around November 4. Here is a recap of where I’ve been in the years that have passed. In 2016 I was in...

New Normal

Hi, It’s me. Bisa. Do you remember me? I pop in every so often and write something. When I write my elevator pitch or attempt to tell people what my blog is about, I stumble over my words. I don’t know what the blog is about. I want to write about travel. I would also like to...

A Weekend in Southern Indiana

I went on a weekend getaway to Southern Indiana. It was a four-hour drive from Northwest Indiana. I attended the Thunder over Louisville Kentucky watch party at Buckhead Mountain Grill in Jeffersonville, Indiana. This event was to kickoff the three-weeks of festivals leading up to the...